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How to Prevent Audit Triggers

As a small business owner, the potential of getting an IRS audit is intimidating. But, you can avoid IRS audit red flags that might trigger an audit at your company and prevent them from coming up in the future.

Though it’s not likely that you will be audited, you need to prepare for an IRS examination. If you don’t avoid IRS audit points of interest, you make your company vulnerable to audits.

Red flags cause the IRS to look into a business’s accounting records. When your business gets audited, the IRS compares your financial documents to your business income tax return. If the IRS finds discrepancies between the two records, you could be penalized.


 This free guide will help you:


✅ Learn the red flags that might be making you audit-prone.

✅ Simple methods to reduce your risk of an audit

It’s important to know what could trigger an IRS audit at your small business. These actions and tax positions could increase your chances of the IRS selecting your return for audit


#1 Missing Tax Deadlines

#2 Claiming a Lot of Business Expenses

#3 Claiming 100% Business Purposes on Your Vehicle

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